Enterprise Island

Another interesting and exciting day. We split into two groups ,to explore the lands and seas around Enterprise Island, where our ship Xplore is moored. The first group of Richard, Debbie and George headed east across the sound to seek the mainland of the Antarctic Peninsular. Using the Zodiac dinghy good progress was made, the group landing on a rocky beach three miles due east of Enterprise,Icarus Point. Richard upheld Boston’s honour by being the first to set foot on the mainland.George upheld the standing of Australia and Czechoslovakia and was second ashore. There was a bit of unexpected excitement when an ice fall crashed onto the beach not far from Debbie who made a quick and safe exit. No flying too close for her! The second group led by Stephen donned ice shoes to climb the slopes behind the boat reaching a height of about 400 feet above sea level. The work was hard but enjoyable. The view to the east, north and west extended to over 40 miles- quite fantastic except of course that it was real! Do look at the photo of Xplore taken from the point above the boat. The return included some butt sliding down the hill; Julian won the prize for the fastest descent. Tomorrow Xplore heads south again, and a new anchorage at the end of the day.

From Team Xplore.

You may email us with questions or comments at richard@icetent.com


Enterprise Island

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