Nature in the Raw

Picture is of a Killer Whale that passed under Xplore

Under a cold and moody early morning sky we left Enterprise island heading south between Nansen and Brooklyn Islands toward the Antarctic Circle. This is an elemental place where majestic beauty and survival live together. None brings reality for seals, penguins and other unfortunates more into focus than the killer whale. A calculating creature , the killer is nature’s ultimate enforcer in the south. Today we saw several at work: the photos show one aiming at Explore and its power after diving under the boat. We escaped. Were the seals so fortunate…..? Some will have perished, certainly. Tomorrow we will tell you about life on Lautaro Island at almost 65 degrees south,where we moored at 7 pm tonight,after rigging rock cables and four long mooring lines.

Team Explore.

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Killer Whale

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