Whispering with the seal

On Tuesday morning before leaving Detaille Island we had a last run ashore and saw no less than 17 seals dozing on the ice. Debbi, the first mate of Xplore, made special friends with this Weddell seal. No doubt he benefited from her encouragement. Interestingly, only one Penguin was about…maybe the seals had something to do with this?

By noon we were at sea again heading north and leaving the Golden Circle bound for the Argentine Islands. On the voyage north we enjoyed bright sun which glinted on the mountains of Graham Land to the East, before the mist and fog of an Antarctic night enveloped us. We arrived at the islands at 65 degree south shortly after dawn. Safely moored by ropes from each corner of the boat, Ellen had to scramble 50 feet up a shaling rock face to place the wire strops- and with the anchor down, we are well placed to ride out the forecast stormy weather. In the coming days we plan to explore the islands by Zodiac, including Full Astern Rock, whose name we will be researching. More to follow..

Team Xplore

Feel free to send questions or comments to richard@icetent.com


Weddell Seal and Debbi

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