Xplore has taken shelter at Hovgaard Island to ride out the forecast strong south westerly winds .In a break in the weather, our Dutch- US team of Ellen and Richard L attempted to reach the summit of the island , about one thousand feet above the icy Antarctic sea. Good progress was made but deep and wide crevasses blocked the way, as the photo shows, so the team had to retrace their steps. Meanwhile the Zodiac crew researched the entrance to Lemaire, taking care not to be flipped over by strong katabatic winds coming off the ice and rock cliffs which form the entrance to the strait.On their return they spotted a splendid Weddell seal enjoying the sun on a rock.

We were joined for supper by a young French family from the yacht Petit Prince, who have been voyaging for nine years and full of plans for further voyaging. They plan to winter this year in Ushuaia before exploring the Pacific next. Whilst Stephen and the parents Frank and Maya discussed potential routes and weather patterns, Richard T and Debbie kept young Titouan and Anna entertained, if not always completely under control, as they raced around the benches of the wardroom table and used Xplore’s crew as horses! These youngsters may be receiving an unconventional education but think of the stock of experiences and images they will have and the repertoire of stories for the future…

A further attempt on the summit may be made. Stayed posted.

Team Xplore.


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