Fun in the south

Wednesday, 20 February

Sharp, clear blue skies shone over Port Lockroy all day. We visited the British hut on Goodie Island before going by Zodiac to Dorian Bay to see another hut under restoration, which in the 1970s supported ski planes which landed on the ridge on the way south to Rothera Station. The bay sparked in the warm antarctic sunshine, whales and seal hunting in the bay. Having climbed the ridge, Julian and Richard T sled down the hill on a plastic sheet. Whilst George and Richard L admired Minke whale, Richard T, Ellen, Julian and Debbie braved the elements and went for a swim off Damoy Point, in what we guesstimated to be 3 degrees celsius (about 38 fahrenheit). Don’t try this at home! Here we are, having dried and dressed in the sun.

After supper we joined the French crew led by Eric on the 80 foot schooner Veiherie , for a late evening and early morning party of songs and good humour. The journey home in the Zodiac under a brilliant sky of stars, with the Southern Cross bright but Orion’s Belt “upside down”, had us breaking through the freezing surface ice of the water. We made it safely back to Xplore, for a contented and deep sleep.

Team Xplore


Swim Team

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One Response to Fun in the south

  1. Mindy Powell - Hodges says:

    OMG Julian! we are loving your amazing journey, we look forward to the blog everyday and to see you smiling face in a picture …! Love to you, so can’t wait to sit around the Hodges Table and hear the stories that you carry with you. Lots of Love Chris Mindy and Edwina.

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