Whales, whales…

Thursday,21 February

A hope in coming to Antarctica is to see whales. Some seasons are good , others not so; this year is exceptional. On our way north through the brash ice and small bergs which filled the Neumayer Channel and into the open water leading to Melchior islands- our destination- we counted nine whales. Undoubtedly, there were many more we didn’t see. The excitement never palls: the sound and spume often in the far distance of the whale blowing, the cry of “whale sighted”, the sight of the fin and back and then, if you are lucky, the majestic tail rising and falling in the water. Here is one of the images we captured. Species spotted have included humpback, killer, fin, minke- all the big boys, apart from the blue.

We have moored, anchor and four lines as usual, in Andersen Harbour, Eta Island. The islands of the Melchior are named after the letters of the Greek alphabet, so in our travels there is education as well as entertainment. Soon, we will be returning to the open sea to cross Drake’s Passage, toward our destination of Ushuaia, Argentina. We scan the weather pictures and forecasts with special diligence: there is a high pressure over the northern Antarctic peninsular which is giving us fine weather, but conditions can change quickly.

Team Xplore



Humpback Whale

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